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All business owners need a business plan at all stages of their business life cycle.


Potential funders and investors will need to see key points answered.


A business growth plan is a great way to overcome a business growth hurdle.


Making sure you have a team that can run the business without you.


We set up the Business Planning Guys to support business owners to get the results their hard work and commitment deserve.

We have both worked in and led large teams and businesses that have secured great results and we aim to bring these techniques and strategies to ambitious business owners.

All business owners need a business plan at all stages of their business life cycle to:

1. Start. Launch a new business or new service

2. Fund. Raise finance or attract investors

3. Grow. Adapt to the changing demands and opportunities of a growing business and adapt to changing markets and competition. Plan for potential successors in a family business or new management recruits.

4. Exit. To maximise their return from selling their business.

Many business owners do not take the time out to review their business and their future as it seems like very hard work.

They often do not have a trusted adviser or expert who can work with them to simplify the process and create plans that are easy to update and take days rather than months to produce. We fill that gap!


No matter what stage of business you are running, you will find the problems you face are common to many others growing a business.  The same issues are holding a business back from achieving its full potential. These are questions you can ask yourself to help you move forward.

Business Planning Events



Do you stay in your comfort zone?


Are you held back by the unknown?


Are you frightened of growth, recruiting more people and financial responsibility?


How will you feel if you keep treading water and you are stuck in a rut?


How will you feel if you aren’t achieving your or your business potential?


What is the impact on you of not having your team in tune with you and your goals?


Would it be better to have a plan you can share with your team and be able to share the responsibility for achieving your goals?


Are you open to new ideas?


Can you do it on your own without support and guidance?


Could external support help you build an asset and the business you always wanted?


Many people think that a business plan is only needed when you need to raise funds or investment. A new fresh look at your business from another perspective can be the key if your business has plateaued or hit a growth hurdle.


Diagnostic tools

We have great processes we use so you can establish where your business is now and the areas for you to focus on to get your business to where you want it to be

Clear Action plans

We turn your 5-year plan into a detailed first year action plan with you and break the steps down into manageable steps.

We remove barriers and manage risks

We can identify the risks within your plans and take steps to mitigate the risks and significantly increase the chances of success.

We give you clarity and a sense of purpose

We ensure you understand the key elements to a great business plan and support you to turn your ideas and thoughts into a well-crafted plan

Proven Strategies

We have a passion for planning and we have a great strategy builder that can add real depth and focus to your plan. We use proven strategies and tools so we can adapt our approach to give the best chance of success to start-ups through to high growth established businesses

A Focus on results

We simplify the process and are by your side all the way to create your vision and turn into reality.


Some clients want a partner or adviser to guide and support them with the development of their business.

We can take someone through the 7 stages of a business life cycle:

1. Business Design

Create the business model, determine the financial drivers and create a financial plan.

2. Shared Vision

Ensure the shareholders, business partners, family members and the management team are all aligned.

3. Team Commitment

Work with the team to create a game plan and goals that everyone can sign up to.

4. Team Building

A clear plan will help attract high quality individuals who will be able to deliver the plan.

5. Business Funding

We can work with the business to maximise internal funding through business cash flow and profitability. We can also work with you to attract investment and look at ways to raise funding while maintaining your control of your business.

6. Business Growth

We use proven strategies and models from the worlds number 1 business coaching company to support this key area.

7. Business Sale/Exit

We can work with you to make your business attractive to potential purchasers to maximise your returns. Only 30% of businesses manage to sell and many only achieve minimal returns on their hard work

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

President Dwight Eisenhower