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What We Do

Create a Clear Roadmap for your Business

A Business Plan will give you four main benefits:



You and your team have greater focus.

Clear Goals

You get all the proven benefits of goal setting and the ability to delegate responsibility and ownership of key task.


A plan helps you to identify the key levers for growth, identify market opportunities and mitigate risk from competitors and changing markets.


The document motivates everyone towards shared goals and a shared vision. Regular reviews and updates are critical for success.

Business Planning Results

Research shows that planning delivers significant improvement in business success for start-ups, raising funds, mature businesses looking to grow and for business owners looking to sell their business.

According to independent research companies with a written business plan have:


Higher Sales Growth!


Higher gross profit margins


Increase in business value

Research also shows that UK SME’s lose out on 20% extra profit by not having a business plan.


All business owners need a business plan at all stages of their business life cycle.


Potential funders and investors will need to see key points answered.


A business growth plan is a great way to overcome a business growth hurdle.


Making sure you have a team that can run the business without you.

What does a plan need to succeed?

There are 9 key elements to creating a great plan:

1. A true plan of action

2. Flexible and easy to update.

3. Aligned with the team and key business partners

A plan needs to be aligned with the team responsible for delivery. It needs clear direction and execution

4. Online access and a living document.

It must not be a bound document ready for archiving…..

5. Mitigates risk

6. Identify barriers to success.

Does prior history show any issues with skill, culture and team cohesion.

7. Inspirational

The plan needs to be compelling and inspire others.

8. What If Options.

It needs great cloud based software to model different scenarios and measure the impact of different options.

9. Facilitation.

A plan needs facilitation to challenge, question and test assumptions so you don’t just re-invent todays wheel.

Our process and systems enable you to achieve all 9 elements.


Group Workshops

This is a programme run with a maximum of 5 businesses and runs monthly over 2 consecutive Fridays.

Bespoke Business Planning

This programme can be run for business owners and their teams and can help address issues such as changing business models, succession planning and team dynamics.
The process for either option is very similar and will follow the following 7 stages.

1. Business Review

We will identify your personal and business goals, and understand more about what’s currently holding you back.

2. Planning Workshop

2 days of coach led, interactive sessions drilling down into what needs to take place in your business to move it forward. You can test and measure the impact on your cash at bank, your profitability, your equity value and the health of your business, before you make the changes in real life.

3. Create your Business Dashboard

An online dashboard where you can try out different financial strategies and see the potential results immediately.

4. Strategy Review

357 different strategies and 72 systems. Whether it’s marketing finance or general business ideas, we’ve a toolbox of proven ideas to choose from and apply in your own business.

5. Plan Development

After the workshop, we will work with you on a 1-year action plan and a comprehensive 5 years plan with annualised cash flow, profit & loss, balance sheet and marginal cash flow projections.

6. Post workshop Review Plan update.

Create a 90-day plan to start introducing the changes in the business.

7. Review

Revolutionary, on-line business plan building software that you and your team can access, and update your plan at any time.



You could just download a template and do it yourself or pay someone to create a plan for you. Both these options may work for you but the following points need to be borne in mind:


1. An outsider will push the boundaries further and raise your horizon


2. You will be asked the uncomfortable questions others may not ask


3. Assumptions will be challenged


4. An independent person augments your team at a crucial point


5. An external adviser will see the full 360 degrees.


If you plough your own furrow you may just re-invent today’s wheel, repeat mistakes, not see the competitive challenges.


Can you recognise your own blind spots?

We will challenge/ debate/ question and create a positive way forward………

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