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After many years hard work it is important to plan for your business sale. Every year thousands of entrepreneurs sell up all or part of their businesses. Some want to retire, others run out of energy or fall out of love with their business, some cannot raise the funds for the next phase of growth or realise that a sale is either desirable or essential.

Sadly, only 30% of business owners that want to sell actually achieve a business sale and may only sell at twice their companies annual profits.

An exit plan focuses on making sure you have a team that can run the business without you and ensuring that the business finances and processes will pass a due diligence test.

The business needs a clear plan for the future and it is vital that all potential opportunities are identified for potential buyers.

Our process is aimed at maximising your business value and your chances of achieving a business sale at the right price. If you are thinking of selling it certainly plans to plan ahead and prepare your business to look its best. It is important that your figures are as good and as clean as possible. It is key to improve the performance of your business and demonstrate it is performing well against others in your industry. It is important to have a clear business plan that has strategic projection for over 5 years.

At an early stage we start to identify potential targets who may be interested in acquiring the business from investors, current competitors or local businesses who have a range of investments or interests in the local geography.

Many business owners do not take the time out to review their business and their future as it seems like very hard work. They often do not have a trusted adviser or expert who can work with them to simplify the process and create plans that are easy to update and take days rather than months to produce. We fill that gap!