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During the early years the main issues relate to consolidating the business by improving controls, developing lead generation and building teams.

As the business faces the challenges of expansion this tends to focus on securing funding, moving into new markets and new products and services, competing with bigger businesses, mergers and acquisitions and protecting the company’s position as markets change.

A business growth plan is often a great way to help a business owner to overcome a business growth hurdle.  Our planning process helps unlock your business potential whichever stage you are at.

The main growth hurdles a business faces as it aims to achieve its potential are as follows:

Stage 1. Creativity.

The business gets off to a great start due to the strength of the new business model and concept and benefits from the founders drive and energy. The classic issue is that the business owner becomes overloaded with administration and operational problems.

Stage 2. Leadership & Team Building

At this stage leadership skill is required for the business to pull though this stage. We will help you identify your priorities, and work with you to give your business clear goals and a sense of purpose to drive the business forward.

Stage 3. Delegation

The solution to the crisis of autonomy is to recognise that more responsibility needs to be delegated to your team. Most business owners hand on to too many tasks and this is mainly because they believe that no one else can do the job as well as themselves. This is the main cause of businesses to stagnate and never reach their maturity. We can identify strategies that will help you overcome this challenge.

Stage 4. Business Co-ordination

During this phase the business faces a crisis of control. The business becomes more fragmented and uncoordinated. The results become apparent through a loss of profits, margin erosion, unplanned development and a lack of a coherent strategy.

We aim to overcome this challenge by incorporating the best of delegation and the direction phases. Quite often this results in the business being subdivided into manageable units with their own goals and missions.

Stage 5. Business Collaboration.

The final remaining challenge is to make sure the business does not become a bureaucracy and that it loses the energy and drive that made it successful in the first place. We will help you to identify strategies that will create strong systems and an emphasis on team orientated activity. One of the areas we will focus on is management development and personal skills enhancement.