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All business owners need a business plan at all stages of their business life cycle.

The focus on the plan at this early phase of the business is to maximise the chances of your business being successful – Defining your target market, finding customers and keeping them, making sure there is demand for your product and funding.

The key is to think before you act. A systematic approach to planning enables you to make your mistakes on the drawing board rather than in the marketplace. During the planning and testing phase it is vital to identify your value proposition, how you will deliver your services and how you will extract sales and profit from your business model.

One of the key elements for any new business is how to create a lead generation system that will create a consistent flow of new business. We work with you to create a number of strategies that you can implement to gain vital traction in your marketplace.

Exclusive rights to a product through patents, copyright, trademark or license helps to reduce risk of a new venture in the funder’s eyes.

It is also vital to prove your knowledge and expertise in the area that your business will operate in. It strengthens your case if you have a support team or advisers that can guide or mentor you through the initial phases and to show you have a clear launch plan for the business.

It is critical that you test your ideas on the marketplace rather than relying on your instincts. By going through our process you will identify the key steps to shape your proposition to give it the maximum chance of success.

It is critical to look at the start-up capital required and the business cash-flow. Your business plan will show how much money is needed, what are the tasks it is needed for and for how long the funding is required. We will work with you to identify how to improve your ability to generate cash during the start-up phase.

A plan crafted with real effort, detailed research and an intimate knowledge of your target market will have far more chance of success.